The studies last 4 years (8 semesters including one devoted to seagoing service). As a part of this field of study, the following specialisations are available beginning from the 3rd semester:

  • Operation of Marine Power Plants,
  • Diagnostic and Repair of Marine Equipment,
  • Operation of Marine Power Plants and Motor Yachts
A graduate of this field of study is awarded the degree of inżynier (corresponding to Bachelor of Engineering). Having obtained a diploma of an Assistant Engineer, the person may perform the function of an officer in the marine vessel engineering department or may be employed in a repair shipyard as well as in maintenance departments of enterprises such as: electrical power and heating plants, paper factories, steelworks, ports, sewage treatment plants and pump stations. Employment is also possible in electrical power generation, transfer and distribution facilities as well as in renewable energy, on-shore and off-shore wind farm operation enterprises, electrical device production plants, power plants as well as electrical power and heating plants, manufacturers of supporting constructions, fixture, insulation devices and systems.