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Why Maritime University of Szczecin?

Why Maritime University of Szczecin? All higher education institutions are competing for students nowadays, offering them ever more bizarre degree programmes. In effect, their graduates are confused as to their future career choices. What we offer is your immediate employability after graduation and a very well-paid profession. And during your time spent at our University – first of all  lots of interesting study material along with practical training. Classes are conducted in numerous laboratories and simulators which you can see yourself during our Open Days. Our students can frequently benefit from internships co-financed from the EU and hosted by both Polish and foreign companies.

We believe our most significant assets are the following:

  • degree programmes in Polish language are tuition-free for EU citizens and holders of Polish Card
  • scholarships and bursaries available
  • accommodation in our dormitories in the very city centre – 90€ / month
  • intensive foreign language courses
  • international community – nearly 300 international students
  • modern labs and simulators
  • 16 sport sections, a choir, a swimming pool, a shooting gallery
  • after graduation, secured career path in a well paid profession
Combine higher education and adventure!

Maritime studies

The seas and oceans have fascinated people for millennia and their significance in the current economy is enormous. If you are thinking about bonding your career with the sea then of course, the best way is to sign up for maritime studies. Maritime studies will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge needed in any area of the sea and shipbuilding industry and will prepare you solidly for professional work. Completing maritime studies will give you the opportunity to work in many areas of maritime economy around the world.