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Teaching quality

Maritime University of Szczecin is a holder of Accreditations for Marine Education Entities attesting to compliance of our teaching process with teaching and training requirements imposed by the STCW Convention which defines international standards of training and certification for seafarers. It means that our graduates are eligible to apply for certificates of competency and undertake officer positions aboard any ship in any place of the world. Additionally, all degree programmes (both sea-going and shore-based) conducted by the University have received a positive review from the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA).
At the Maritime University of Szczecin we believe practical training to be of core significance. Our students do their work placements both at sea and on shore, depending on their major.

maritime college

The seas form one of the pillars of the Economy in the European Union. In the maritime regions, almost half of the EU population lives and they generate almost half of the EU GDP. The European Union has over 3.5 million jobs directly related to maritime economy, and sectors such as biotechnology, renewable energy sources, coastal and maritime tourism is becoming more and more popular. No wonder that nowadays many specialists are sought for this area of the economy. Maritime collegestrong> gives opportunity to acquire complementary knowledge in the field of marine research, ships, shipbuilding and other related to maritime economy and your interests providing good and well-paid job after graduation. Classes include both theoretical and practical issues that can be used in real situations. Maritime collegestrong> will be a great investment in the future for young people.

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