The first contract with a recruitment agency in Ukraine

On the 6th of September 2016 the Maritime University of Szczecin signed the first agreement with a recruitment agency, i.e. "The Consulting Company TerAssa" represented by Ms. Natalia Terekhova, which recruits students from Ukraine.

Currently, any international student who wants to study at the Maritime University of Szczecin can choose to prepare the required application documents by himself / herself, using the instructions available at the tab Applying STEP BY STEP, or to use the services of an agent.

The Agent with whom the University has signed the agreement, is, inter alia, obliged to inform potential candidates about the offer of the Maritime University, verify whether a candidate’s documentation is authentic, adequate and submit complete application package to our Office no later than by the end of the admissions period. Nonetheless, please remember that all candidates are treated equally in the selection process, regardless of whether they applied by themselves or through an agent.