Film about our University

We invite you to watch a short promotional film about our university addressed to foreign students. The film was created in collaboration with students, who starred in the film as actors. During filming, we had a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it very much. We have tried to make it interesting, so you will find there among others, underwater scenes, shots made from a drone and “special effects” in one of our lab (Marine Traffic Engineering Centre) where we even managed to make wind and rain. There were also unexpected moments such as “a breakdown” of one of the sailboats, which eventually drifted into the reeds and its crew had to be rescued (and therefore in the film instead of two sailboats there is only one). Several scenes, however, turned out quite well.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped us in this project. Thanks to you we were able to take shots at several laboratories, on the ship, at the shooting range, gym and swimming pool. We are also grateful to the University Choir, which appeared in one of the scenes.

The film was prepared and produced on initiative of International Students & Mobility Office. If you want to see it, please click on the photo below. We hope you will have a good time!